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We utilize a 4-step process:

Step 1: Orientation

During orientation you will get organized.  Before your navigation meeting we provided you an Asset Inventory.  This spreadsheet is designed to help you get organized for the navigation meeting.  It captures more than just details about real and personal property.  It allows you to think through your family values, your fears, concerns and worries.  By completing this exercise we customize our time by discussing the issues most relevant to you and your loved ones.

Step 2: Navigation

During the Navigation Meeting you get educated.  For this meeting we set aside two hours.  It does not always take that long, but this way we have plenty of time to provide education about the following topics:

  • Intestate probate procedure

  • The benefits of utilizing a Last Will and Testament in probate,

  • The benefits of revocable living trusts to avoid probate,

  • The importance of protecting yourself during life with powers of attorney,

  • Protecting your legacy from unintended disinheritance,

  • Providing for future generation with third party asset protection trusts.

Step 3: Execution

Under South Dakota Law, testamentary documents are effective only if validly executed.  If testamentary documents meet certain statutory requirements, they are presumed valid.  This can reduce the likelihood that the authenticity of your documents will be challenged in a court of law.  All documents Compass Rose Law Firm drafts meet these statutory requirements.  We also provide disinterested witness and notary services.

Step 4: Maintenance

Since life is everchanging, your plan will need to be reviewed regularly and systematically in order to keep maintenance of asset ownership, beneficiary designations, and designated agents as essential to the success of your plan as the documents themselves.  Ensuring this is done properly can be a daunting task for many clients.  We provide these additional long term maintenance services to ensure your plan is effective when you need it most.

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