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What makes Compass Rose Law Firm different?  We are not here to create a set of documents you will likely never update or look at again, we want to be your legal advisors for life.  To do this we educate, assist, and advise you during your life.  We also seek to ensure your loved ones have a trusted legal advisor to turn to when you are no longer here.

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Here are a few things that set us apart:

  • Fees.

    •  For most estate planning packages, we complete these plans on a one-time flat fee, rather than hourly.  The fees are pre-set and agreed to in advance.

  • Responsive. 

    • We do our best to return your calls within two business days.

  • Maintenance plans. 

    • Your plan should be reviewed and updated regularly.  We have varous maintenance plans.  You choose the maintenance plan that best fits your situation.

  • Family Harmony. 

    • Our plans focus on maintaining the strong family relationships you have worked so hard to cultivate over your lifetime.

  • Family Legacy. 

    • As mentioned, we recognize that each of us is part of a family legacy that has been handed down for generations.  We provide options to meet that need.

Call (605) 721-3958 now to schedule your no-obligation consultation with the South Dakota estate planning attorney at

Compass Rose Law Firm.

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