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Young Business Owner

Are you a person starting a business, or are you business minded? According to experts, often, people who start business are not business minded. They start businesses hoping to expand their profitability, escape oppressive employment, or create a perceived better life. However, their current mindset may be inadequate. They wrongly assume that by merely working hard they can achieve their goals.


This lack of understanding burns them out and they end up owning a business they hate. It controls their lives. Conversely, those who take the time to become business minded, increase their likelihood of finding the pot of gold at the end of the proverbial rainbow.


You may feel you have developed skills, products, or services that you hope people need. You feel confident that you can make some real money! You dump your savings into the new start-up and open your doors.


After several months of ever-expanding expenses, employee turn-over, unexpected taxes, supply-chain issues…suddenly your dream has mutated into a stressful, confusing, frustrating nightmare. It consumes your time, energy, and focus. It costs more than you expected…more than just money.


Because you did not take the time to set yourself up for success, you set yourself up for failure! If you had advisors to help you lay the foundation, you could have made the right decisions, you could have opened your mind to the actual costs and risks, you could have priced your products or services appropriately, you could have navigated the legal life of your business. Your failed venture could have been among your greatest accomplishments.


No one can guarantee your success in business. There is substantial risk in all business ventures. However, at Compass Rose Law Firm we can provide you education, services, and support to mitigate the risk and set yourself up for success.


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